Success Stories

The ultimate goal of rescue is for each horse to be loved in a forever home. Forever Morgans has saved over 300 horses since 2005. Many of these rescued Morgans have gone on to be show horses, family riding and driving horses, and do therapeutic handicap riding. Please join us and help us save even more!

Some of the Adopted Horses



Bryce Acres Randallane


Hollybrook Peacock

Julia's Yellow Iris Sassy

Julia's Yellow Iris Sassy


ATM Trust in Me


MLF Aire Bourne

UC Holly

UC Holly

Blossoms Wink and Nod



Newbys Blazing Dancer


Babes Easter Bunny Kid


Riveroak River Run


Hope Grove Now N Forever

Starlit Acres Gun Smoke


Ultras Sparticus

Rosewind Sunny Delight

Tes Changing Times

Changing Times









Whippoorwill Gaiety

Whippoorwill Gaiety


Captain's Design


Vicky's Hadassah


Ultra's Frequent Flyer


Dia Mika


HVK My Flaire Lady


WCG's Dollar


KTM Lady Victoria

Fancy Abbey

Richmond's Fancy Abbey


Jo's Mariah








Rum Brook Immortal Ariel

Diamond Heist

Mr R's Diamond Hiest


Graywood's Marcus


Big Creek Cracker Jack


Reba Dawn Parade


Dia H Sandy


Samac's Last Moment


KRK Stardust


Hollybrook Golden Girl


MSB Natty Bumpo


FMRescue Forever Brilliant

Patience and Sunflower

Patience & Sunflower


Twice A Lady



Lady Mary

FMRescue Lady Mary


Jaw Jupiter's Secret


Riveroak River Run

Tried-N-Ready Melody Rose

Tried-N-Ready Melody Rose


Jellico Colors and Honors


MEMC Zane Grey


Rusty Radiance


Winter Moon Blacklight


Preferibly Tequila


FMRescue Mitsey


Alamars Trooper


Runnymede's Revision


Dia H Pixie




JW Here I Am

SRB Courageous Rose

SRB Courageous Rose

Miss Diamond

Miss Diamond


Minion Flipside


Royal Prince Charlie

Rocky Country Hill

Rocky Country Hill


Seasons Aria


Tucks Black Satin




MSV Irish Celebration


Showy Ladys Slipper


JDM Weather Watch


Aikanes Kias Memory


Bar Nothing Labrynth


HDD Imperial Royal Beauty


Sioux Brown


High Brook Bella Vita


Merlin Worth the Waite


Gradells Act One


Confetti's Tickertape

Regatts Rainbow

Regatts Rainbow

RG Allenda

RG Allenda

JMF Royal Entertainment

JMF Royal Entertainment

Sonjas Simple Faith


Boxford Superwoman


Aerie Meadow Yuriel


HVK Dark Heritage


SSM Navarre Bulrush


Aikanes Prancing Prince

Keepsakes Stowaway

Keepsakes Stowaway

Keepsake's Stowaway arrived with quite a backstory! He was the first foal by the well-known show stallion Benediction who was only 14 months old when he jumped through his stall window and cleared the paddock fence to visit some young mares. Miss Congeniali-te was sold shortly thereafter and surprised her Amish owner with a chestnut colt the following summer. The colt, Stowaway, was handled but only green broke to ride when he was sold. A broker bought him at auction and took him to New Holland with the intention of selling him for slaughter, but Forever Morgans outbid the kill buyers and saved him. After quarantine, his breeder (Benediction's owner) fostered him. Since she had never met him and had only seen a few foal photos, she was glad for the opportunity to get to know him and then help find him a forever home.

His adopter discovered Forever Morgans through Facebook, where she’d been casually looking around for another project horse to work with, hoping for a Morgan like the one she’d already had for several years. She came across the page for Keepsake's Stowaway and was delighted to discover that he was being fostered only a few hours away, so after a flurry of emails she drove down to meet him. She was thrilled to find out that he was even better in the flesh than she’d hoped: very cute, sweet, and flashy! She fell in love with him very quickly and before she knew it, he was hers!

Adorably nicknamed Gilligan, he now lives with her and her other Morgan at Truman State University in Missouri where he is participating in her Horse Training Techniques class. She says he is so intelligent that she is continually impressed by how quickly he learns, and how hard he tries. He's been ridden, negotiated trail obstacles, and has long-lined. Now their main focus is finding and filling in all the gaps in his training like picking up his feet, standing tied, and responding positively to stimuli. His report card reflects impressive progress!

Eventually Gilligan's owner hopes to show him, but for now they are simply enjoying each other's company, learning new things together. We hope this wonderful match of a rescued young Morgan who is getting a college education, with his loving equestrian university adopter, will inspire others to take a similar chance on another Forever Morgans horse awaiting a forever home!


FMRescue Stan


Harpers Bazaar

Immortality Iris

Immortality Iris

Bonanza and
Rosedust Forty Four Magnum

Bonanza was fostered at Whispering Oaks in Tampa, Fl when his new family adopted him in April, 2013. Their daughter was turning 15 that year and had been riding at Whispering Oaks for over 3 years - the first time she rode Bonanza they knew he was supposed to be hers! Bonanza was an Amish buggy horse before Forever Morgans rescued him, but when he came to Whispering Oaks he made it clear that his cart pulling days were over. Now he enjoys being loved by his teenaged girl every day, and rides Saddle Seat. They were in their first show together in October 2014 and placed 3rd in two different events. Bonanza is a beautiful horse with a gentle nature and is a joy to their family.

Magnum came to Whispering Oaks as "Rosedust Forty Four Magnum" in the early part of 2014 and was ridden often, especially during summer camp. Everyone loved him and nicknamed him "Napoleon" because he was so little but acted like he was king of the barn. The adoptive mom had only been riding Saddle Seat for about 3 or 4 months when she first rode Magnum, and fell in love. Not just with him and his spirited personality, but with riding in general. Though she had been enjoying riding a few different lesson horses at Whispering Oaks, she didn't feel any real connection. With her first ride on Magnum she felt like he was made for her! They were a perfect fit and she felt what she had learned up to that point finally made sense. Janice Scotto, her trainer, said that Magnum chose her - well, she certainly did chose him, too!

Their family is grateful for Forever Morgans and for foster homes like Whispering Oaks that save these beautiful horses and bring them into the lives of people that want only to love and care for them. They hope to adopt a few more in future years to come!



J-Nuf Royalty Ruby




HG Shock N Yall

Coachmans Mi-T Aria

Coachmans Mi-T Aria

Coachmans Mi-T-Aria aka "Tiny Dancer" was first adopted by a woman at the same barn where her current owner kept another horse. Tiny Dancer had a great temperament and was super quiet for a youngster with very little training. Her owner's mom then adopted the Morgan but after a few years hadn't found time to work with the horse. Dancer was still not broke when she turned four. That's when her current rider decided Dancer would be her very first project horse, to eventually take the place of her aging Appaloosa in the show ring.

Her local Connecticut dressage trainer mentored the process as she brought Dancer along. Dancer was willing and able to try anything asked of her, and she never bucked or did anything bad. The two formed an extremely tight bond and her owner takes great pride knowing she accomplished the majority of Dancer's training under the watchful eye of her own trainer.

Currently they ride low-level dressage, and lots of trail riding. Dancer has made it emphatically clear to her owner that she loves to trail ride! At a mature 15 hands she leaves warmbloods in her dust and shows every sign of enough confidence to go to trail solo, without any horse buddies, if asked. Her owner attributes these traits to the Morgan temperament. And upon realizing that Dancer loves being outside most of all, her owner trail rides her most days, with only occasional ring work. They recently went on a Breast Cancer Awareness ride and raised over $1200.00 for the event! They had a great time, and Dancer looked great all dolled up in pink. They went to one dressage schooling show over the summer, and plan on a few more this year. If all goes well, they will aim for a Morgan show or two. Her owner says Tiny Dancer truly is every little girl's dream.

Tiny Dancer gives her all, and is one of the sweetest horses her owner has had the pleasure of knowing. Dancer's behavior imparts the feeling that she knows she was rescued and that's perhaps why she always gives her all, showing appreciation and love for her owner. She had a rough start as a youngster, but her owner has promised Dancer that she is in her forever home and nothing will ever change that!




Tylers Sweet Fiddler

RG Night Heir

RG Night Heir


CHS Minuet aka Valentina's Reprieve

We adopted CHS Minuet in 2011. She is better known as Valentina's Reprieve or Val for short. She is doing very well and is boarded on the eastern shore of Virginia. She loves treats, especially green apples.

She is going very well under saddle, ridden by the adopter's twelve-year-old daughter. They ride English pleasure and also do some jumping. The adopter's daughter recently started cantering Val and that has gone extremely well, too.

Val is a very loving mare that enjoys being groomed -- as long as clippers are not involved! Both adoptive mother and daughter have a very special bond with Val. Val also has a wonderful work ethic, always doing what’s asked of her. Her favorite speed is anything but a walk!

RKT Nordic Foxtrim Val


Matlick View Nell

Fastrak Fransisca

Fastrak Fransisca

Ragtime Magic Moment

Magic’s eventual adopter had been looking at Forever Morgans' website casually but became increasingly interested after losing a foal at birth in 2011. When she saw Magic's picture online she perused the mare's pedigree that revealed strong Western Working lines, especially Flyhawk. Additionally, it was known that she'd been an Amish carriage horse.

The adopter and her husband are combined driving fans who love to drive. Another plus for them was that Magic appeared black. Because Magic was registered, her adopter was able to connect with the Morgan's breeder and second owner to find out she had been called "Peek A Boo" as a foal and had been sold to a mid-western farm as a yearling. She had "colorful" genes and had already produced a black and a buckskin.

Magic's adopter drove to the foster home and met a very knowledgeable horsewoman and Morgan person with whom she had a lot in common. She drove Magic and found she had speed and athleticism. She'd been backed a few times. Since Magic's adopter had trained her own Morgans, she was confident in her ability to continue Magic's training under saddle. She was aware the mare would need some finishing for carriage. Magic was cute, very typey, and unmistakably Morgan!

Magic arrived at the home of her adopter in early July 2012. They drove her a few days after she arrived. She was, in fact, speedy and handy! Saddle work took a little longer. She settled into the herd with another mare and two geldings. She was ridden lightly on trails with another horse alongside. She was a bit spooky about being mounted but got over it soon. The next summer she went on a horse camping trip to a northern Vermont state park. She made an excellent horse camper: quiet and well behaved.

Magic's adopter originally hoped to train her for combined driving and has plans to pursue this soon. In the meantime her saddle training and carriage work will continue. Her new life has been easy, sharing pasture with another mare. Magic's owner also entertains the notion of eventually driving her as part of a pair. Stay tuned. You may see "Pumpkin" at Vermont Morgan Heritage Days in the Justin Morgan Standard class!



Logan's Nite Mist Melody


RKT Nordic Daisy


Acorn Ridge Bluejay

Sun-west Orianna and ZHF Lady LibertySun-west Orianna and ZHF Lady Liberty

Sun-West Orianna & ZHF Lady Liberty

Sun-West Orianna was listed on Facebook as a pregnant mare headed to the slaughterhouse. Her soon-to-be adopter saw her picture and immediately knew this mare was supposed to be hers! After initial disappointment being told the mare had already been promised, she heard from FM again to say they’d miscommunicated and the mare was still available. She passed Forever Morgans muster and soon thereafter grabbed her best friend to hit the road for the nine-hour trip to meet her Morgan mare. The very moment they met, she knew they were meant to be together. After 11 hours hauling to her new home, "lady in black" or "LIB" was settled into a stall, and her new name stuck: "Libby" was home. That was April 3, 2012.

Libby was so skinny they didn’t believe she could possibly be pregnant. They figured she'd been recently bred for a foal the following year. But upon free feeding her hay and giving her a large in and out space of her own so she could come and go as she pleased, Libby began to rapidly expand at her middle. She bagged up the first week of May. And so the waiting game began!

When the vet said two weeks later to keep a close eye on her and be prepared for a foal any day, her owner's vigil began. She sat outside with Libby every day, watched her eat the grass and hay, and soak up the sun. For two weeks she checked Libby every two hours throughout the night, getting up and going to the barn as her alarm clock directed.

Finally Memorial Day arrived. Libby's owner sat out all day watching her contentedly eat grass. Then she noticed a broken bucket clip that needed immediate replacement. As soon as her partner came home she said "we need to run to the store to get a new clip but we need to hurry, I don't want to leave her alone for long." Checking Libby one more time, her owner left for just 40 minutes. (Experienced breeders will know that Libby was just waiting for exactly this private time to bring her baby into the world!)

When they returned with the new bucket clip, Libby was standing quietly in her stall, and sure enough the baby was already there. The baby was named Banana, in honor of their "code word" for their rescue runs at the auctions when they wanted one "to keep" but didn't want the unspecified partner to know they were getting another horse. So "Banana," the baby, had earned her name. Her official name is ZHF Lady Liberty, the first-born foal for Zion Hill Farm.

Libby has come a long way and now teaches young students to ride walk/ trot with much patience, staying nice and easy for the kids. And, she loves Banana who is by her side every day. Banana has been started in lines and has pulled a drag but has not yet been hooked. She is very smart, willing, and also so quiet that students who walk and trot on her do just great!

Libby went to her first shows this year with a youngster and won their equitation class. Libby also did the patterns for four youth of the year students in the walk/trot division and she was quiet and responsive even in the rain! Libby's owner is so very proud of both Libby and Banana. That pride has inspired her and her best friend to save more horses, and they have indeed traveled to many auctions and have saved many more horses since this first Morgan mare arrived in their lives.

Libby's owner contacted Libby's original breeder who sent foal photos as well as updates about Libby's sire, dam and siblings. They plan to stay in touch.


WYP Alusive




Kaniksu Abendigo

Merlin Beloved Illusion

For those of us blessed to own more than one Morgan, that story begins as this one does, "Well, I wasn’t looking for a horse." In truth, the Wisconsin equestrian had just lost her senior Morgan mare, the first foal she’d ever seen born. The favorite mare died in her sleep at age 28.

Her owner had begun carriage driving and was "just browsing" the Morgan ads for a horse that both rode and drove. She found a Forever Morgan gelding of interest, but he’d already gone to Texas to a fabulous kid. She kept browsing...and wham...there was Luvy. She was smitten. Luvy reminded her of that favorite mare she'd just lost to the Rainbow Bridge. She applied right after Merlin Beloved Illusion was rescued, and got her!

Recalling that Luvy arrived at her new home around 10pm, her new owner led her to a stall with some hay, grain and water. Luvy just looked at her. The very next morning when her new owner went down to do chores, Luvy nickered at her and put her head on her new owner's shoulder. It was love, not at first night, but immediately thereafter!

With no history accompanying her, Luvy was presumed to drive because she arrived with what the farrier called expensive road shoes. Two years ago Luvy was sent to the trainer to see if she could drive, and the answer was "wow!" The trainer guessed she’d been an Amish woman's or kid's horse. The trainer gave her seal of approval to show Luvy as a driving horse.

Meanwhile, Luvy's owner has been tuning up one of her geldings who drives wonderfully, and adopted another Morgan gelding, too. She plans to drive those two geldings as a pair at shows, perhaps this year.

' So for now Luvy is "on vacation" and still greets her owner daily with lovely nickers, and hugs by putting her head on her owner’s shoulder. And if Luvy gets called when she's in the pasture, she comes running and plants her head on her owner's shoulder. They love one another dearly, another match meant to be.

The owner of Merlin's Beloved Illusion says, "I am always telling people looking for a Morgan to check out Forever Morgans first!" We agree.



Wachuset Hope


Wheatland Lacy


JAX Suite Victory


MLF Sudden Glory


Cedar Lake Velvet Jewel


Julie's Fine Kayla




Crestfield Double Joy


Tazara Cappuccino

Exeter's Allegra


Aquila's Zena

Wata Diamond Star


Little Man Cowboy (QH)


A-L Josephs Dream


Sonja of Reliance


Orca's Fantasy


Bar Nothing Halo's Duce


Steppin to the Sky

Black Lady

Intrigue's Black Lady

Darlin Diva

Darlin Diva


FMRescue Jessica's Light


JBS Copper Penny

Page Turner

Page Turner


Valley View Crystal Rose


Idlewild Derringer


Relentless Charm




Rocky Illuminator

Rocky was a tired, skinny and scared Amish buggy horse when he was rescued from a kill broker in September 2013. He didn't know how to ride or trust people, but there was a softness behind his eyes that drew in his adopter. His new home won his heart and he blossomed into a stunning black gelding who was eager to please. Less than a year later, his adopter took him to a show just to look around while she was showing her other horses. Rocky had only been in a trailer a few times in his life and each time it was to go to a new home, so when they loaded him to go to the show he thought he was being sent away and was heartbroken. So they unloaded him, reassured him, and waited to take him to the show the next day. Once at the showgrounds, Rocky was cool and confident, doing so well that she entered him in some classes -- and they won the Morgan English Pleasure Championship!





Keepsake's Stowaway


PMM Jestures Noble Rose




Dia H Valor


Oak Grove Pretty Woman

Julia is a sweet,beautiful girl, but she's more than just a pretty face. Because of Julia, several other Morgans have been saved!

When Julia was rescued from the kill pen, FM contacted her former owners. One of these was a kind-hearted Amish gentleman who was dismayed to hear that a beloved horse was almost sold for slaughter, and was very happy to learn that Julia was adopted by a home with young girls who adore her. He was intrigued by FM's mission and promised to tell other Amish about FM as an alternative to sending horses to the slaughter auction. True to his word, he has shared FM's information with many of his friends and neighbors. FM has now bought several horses directly from Amish in this community. This is a win-win situation for everyone involved: the owner typically gets as much money as they would from the auction, the horse is not at risk of being bought by a kill buyer or exposed to the stress and germs of an auction, FM gets more information on the horse and its history, and FM doesn't have to pay the auction or broker fees. Several adopters and former owners have even formed friendships, exchanging letters and sending photos of the horses in their new homes.

JRC Blaze

JRC Blaze of Glory


Rosedust Forty Four Magnum

April Fern

April Fern


Michas Spirit Flame




Briarmead Suite Melody




SAMAC's The Shake



Maggie Mae

Maggie Mae


TE Lightening Crashes


Rio's Night Time

JMF Johnny Who

The gorgeous foundation stallion JMF Johnny Who was rescued from the kill auction in October 2013 and quickly gained admirers for his good looks and charm. A few months later FM received an email from someone begging to be contacted ASAP. In an extremely tearful and emotional call, she described how she had gotten Johnny from his breeder as a yearling, lovingly raised and trained him as her 'heart horse,' and then was forced to sell him when she lost her farm in a legal dispute and personal turmoil. She had tried to keep track of Johnny but he disappeared once he was Amish-owned. When she purchased property where she could have horses again, she contacted everyone she could think of to find Johnny. One of his former owners told her that he had been contacted by FM, and she quickly found Johnny’s picture and description on the FM website. She was overjoyed just to know that he was still alive and healthy, and immediately submitted an application to adopt him. It isn’t the same farm where he used to live, but when Johnny stepped off the trailer after a long road-trip, his “mom” was waiting. Now he is home, a modern Black Beauty.
Johnny comes home

UDM Sable

UDM Sable


RKT Nordic Wynning Lady

Festival Delight

Festival Delight



Derawanda Jonathan

Derawnda Jonathon


Monaco Mexicali Rose


Quietude Steeplechase

This hunky chestnut gelding didn't have a name or papers with him at auction, but was undeniably a Morgan; FM called him Copper because of his bright red coat. His foster home fell in love when he stepped off the trailer and soon adopted him, assuring him that he was now home forever. With no records, Copper's past was a mystery, highlighted by the scars on his face. Then DNA tests revealed that Copper is actually Quietude Steeplechase, raised to be a herd sire for the famed Quietude stud, sold multiple times and his identity lost. People had been searching for him for years, checking auctions and ads but fearing the worst.
Now he's safe. Copper has bloomed into the kind of horse everyone would be proud to have. His scars bear silent witness to what he has been through, yet his spirit remains kind and gentle. He is the heart and soul of the farm -- a steady 'uncle' to the colts, a kind friend to new fosters, a safe mount for his family, and a joy to watch in the pasture.



Starlit Acres Dorothy


TL Peaches N Kreme


Aerie Meadows Yuriel


Jenny Moro


FMRescue Twice A Lady


WB Mobile




Black Tuxedo Commander


Scenic Aries Dusty

Dusty was rescued from the New Holland slaughter auction in July 2013, a proud and well-behaved stallion in spite of his ribs showing and his feet showing months of neglect. He was polite but aloof, used to a life of hard work. His foster home started him on the road back to health, helped him through a difficult gelding (older stallions frequently have complications being gelded) and showed him love and affection while teaching him to ride. After several months, Dusty's gruff exterior faded to reveal his tender heart and the sweet personality of a big teddy bear under his hard shell. He was adopted in January 2014 and has become very bonded to his forever family. He wickers deeply and comes running when he sees them and loves to cuddle. He remembers being a stallion and will flirt with the pretty mares, but is considered the gentleman of the pastures and charms everyone with his handsome Morgan looks and good manners. Dusty's adopter and his former Amish family have begun a friendship, sharing phone calls, photos and letters. Dusty was a special favorite of the Amish wife, so she is especially glad that he is loved and happy.





Northdreams Freedom

Fields Creek Kelly O

Fields Creek Kelly O


Miss Manners & Forever the King


BR Darling Shadow

Billy Bob, a.k.a. The Riddlin Kid

FM called this cute bay gelding "William" when he was pulled from the kill pen in October 2011 but his foster home found that "Billy Bob" was a better fit for his sweet and goofy personality. He was adopted in January 2013 by a veterinary student; they were soul mates from the instant they met.

The pair enjoys competing in eventing, where Billy Bob goes by the name The RiddlinKid. Billy Bob's foster mom was able to attend their very first competition and watched them come in third! In his first season of competition, he has come in 3rd at his first 3-phase event (with a trainer riding), 2nd at his first derby cross, 7th at his first hunter pace, and 6th at his first 3-phase with his adopter riding. He is a wonderful and brave little guy, very honest to the jumps and having a blast at competitions.

Billy Bob


Coachmans Mi-T-Aria


Tiona's Sabetha Kathleen


Harper's Bazaar


Snowdancers Shadow Magic




JBS Brandywine








MEM Super Trooper


Renaissance Reflection


MJL Lady Hawk


SWP Happy Holly


Mint Brook Ruby Twilight

TE Tickle My Fancy




RMW Sedona


Silk Oaks Tell Sackett


Arborwind Yabba Dabba Doo

Yabba wasn't the nicely-trained, perfect trail horse that his adopter was looking for, but there was an instant connection when they met. She knew he had been through a lot, that he was good inside, and that he was scared. Yabba somehow knew that she was okay and he could trust her. She took a leap of faith and adopted him, but he was a mess inside and out. A naturally timid horse, Yabba had had seven owners in just a few years, which made him anxious and fearful. He didn't want to be touched, he guarded his food or he fled from it thinking he was going to be bullied away from it, and he put on the 'tough guy' act so he wouldn't be hurt. With love and patience, Yabba has come out of his shell and become calm and relaxed. He is still nervous sometimes, but you'd never know it because he works so hard at trusting people and he takes such good care of his rider. Yabba is now the horse that everyone wants to ride, the one who taught his adopter's son to ride and who took him safely on his first open trail, the horse that is kind and soft to respond, the easy one, and even the one with the pretty coat that every one asks about. He is happy and loved.








SSL Bed of Roses

SSL Bed of Roses


DJJJ Black Diamond


Flint was rescued in March 2011 and adopted by Victory Farms, a therapeutic riding center specializing in physical disabilities such as muscular dystrophy, cerebral palsy, stroke, injuries including amputees, military veterans and service personnel. Riding helps the students physically as they gain strength and coordination, and mentally as they experience the independence and freedom that horses give them.

Although Flint had no prior experience as a therapy horse and had signs of a hard life prior to being rescued, he blossomed in his new role. His patience and sweet nature make him one of the "go-to" horses for new riders. Flint loves the attention and takes very good care of his students!



Aikanes Pandora


Paint Rock's Sky Hawk


Master Merlyn


TTA Ima Showboat Too


Kid Hope


Springmill Aire Apparent


Universal Shine


CSH Minuet


Ragtime Magic Moment


Sun Valley Don

Sunny was rescued from the kill pen in December 2012. He was scooped up and adopted just in time to spend Christmas with his new loving family. He quickly bonded with his new special girl. They made quick friends and she is very happy to call him her own!

Forever Dakota




The Ringo Kid


CBMF Illumination




Clovers Ebonaire




Canabar Fancy Footwork




Earth Wind and Fire




WAR Adikyrie




Irish Justice





O'Reily and his half-brother O'Leary, both Morgan/mustang cross colts, were rescued in February 2012. They were shaggy and unhandled, but had that undeniable Morgan eye that promised they were diamonds in the rough and just needed polishing to shine. After being gelded and adopted, they have lived up to that promise! O'Reily's adopter is very active as a cavalry trooper in Civil War re-enactments and also does competitive driving. O'Reily is becoming a steady mount on the battlefield and looks dashing in period tack! In his very first driving show, the Pine Tree CDE, O'Reily came in 6th of 15 horses in the training class.

CD Paradise Bix


C Echo C Lemon Twist


Lemon Delight












Merlin's Beloved Illusion

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