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Updates on individual horses are provided when available. Forever Morgans strives to provide information that is as accurate as possible. The online catalog includes ads for many of the horses, although the most recent rescues may not be included. <

Featured Horse

Ebony Jewel

Ebony Jewel


2005 Black Morgan gelding, 14.3hh
Boarded in PA
Rescued June 2021
Adoption Fee: $1200

Update 2/8/23: Ebony ground ties and likes to be groomed. He's very nice to be around and great in the stall. We have him in a paddock next to other horses and he was not aggressive or had any stud-like behavior. He has not been in a pasture with other horses yet. Ebony was gelded when we rescued him. His evaluator feels that advanced beginners can ride him. He is also said to drive!

Update 8/23/22: Evaluator says advanced beginner rider can ride him.

Update 4/14/22: He ground ties. He likes to be groomed.. He's very nice to be around and great in the stall. We have him in a paddock next to other horses and he was not aggressive or had any stud Behavior. He has not been in a pasture with other horses yet.

Ebony was recently gelded when we rescued him. He would not be for beginners. He will need a very experienced person.

This boy rides and said to drive!!

Ebony Jewel Ebony Jewel Ebony Jewel Ebony Jewel Ebony Jewel Ebony Jewel Ebony Jewel Ebony Jewel Ebony Jewel

Recent Rescues, in quarantine

These horses are currently boarded at a quarantine (QT) facility; due to the nature of QT, they cannot be handled much. Information is still limited to what we know but will be updated as soon as it is available.

Boarded - Needing A Foster Home

Horses in the listed section below are currently boarded. The horses have completed quarantine and are ready to move to a foster or adoptive home. The provider gives excellent care, but due to the number of horses at the facility the horses cannot receive much individual attention and are not able to be ridden. Forever Morgans has to pay standard rates for their board and care. Please consider adopting or fostering one of these horses.



1997 said to be Morgan, bay mare, 15hh
Boarded in IL
Re-homed in March 2022
Adoption Fee: $300 Companion Horse

Jasmine stands great for the farrier and vet, loads and travels well, gets along well in a herd, easy to catch, always wants to be around you, likes to be brushed, easy keeper.

Jasmine Jasmine Jasmine Jasmine


Sparky 2

Sparky 2

2004, Bay gelding, Said To Be Morgan, 14.3hh
Boarded in PA
Rehome December 2021
Adoption Fee: $300

Sparky 2 was adopted earlier this year from FM. We unfortunately have to surrender him back, as he is demonstrating stud-like behavior around my husband's mare, and we had rescued him to be a companion for her.

Sparky is a personable, in your pocket sort of horse who needs to be kept in a gelding herd only. He will try to mount a mare over the fence, so a strong board fence is recommended (we have coated wired). Because of the unseasonably warm winter, our pastures won't recover past the end of January if he isn't placed by then.

We did discover upon his initial vet exam that he has a healed broken coffin bone in his front left, that is managed well with aluminum shoes on the front only. We do not recommend him for riding.

Sparky 2 Sparky 2 Sparky 2 Sparky 2 Sparky 2




2012 Bay Gelding Morgan, 15.3-16 hh
Boarded in PA
Rescued May 2021
Adoption Fee: $300 Companion Horse

Not Rideable

Update from boarding barn:
He has not shown any soreness in his hips for a long time. He doesn't seem to be sore on those back hoofs eighter. Not on any meds.

He is a great companion horse. Kind and friendly to another horse. Low man in the field. He is thin and has oddly trimmed back feet. We will have those evaluated as soon as he is settled so we know the best path forward for him.

More info as we receive it.

Max Max Big Ben Big Ben Big Ben

JRH Are You Kiddin' Me


JRH Are You Kiddin' Me

2013 Chestnut Registered Morgan Gelding, height : TBD
Dragonmeades Axios x Ring Girl
Boarded in PA
Rescued August 2020
Adoption Fee: $300 Companion Horse - The adoption requirement that he receive regular vet exams for his eyes and treatment as designated by the vet, with annual update reports to Forever Morgans.

Not Rideable

Update 4/30/22: Kid is blind, may be able to see shadows.

Kid is described by a former owner as a fun horse to drive who loves attention. He is blind in one eye but still drives. An Amish buggy horse, he came with a note that said he is not sound for long trips and balks if not handled properly. For that reason, he is best suited for an experienced handler. We were told that starting him off uphill sometimes triggered the balking but that he was fine for hooking; doesn't take a hold; and is generally traffic safe, although he might look at a scary vehicle or puddle. It is not known whether Kid was taught to ride. We do know that he spent a short time at a professional training barn as a 2-year-old but was sold before his education progressed beyond longlining because his owners were looking for a different type of horse. He had no vision or soundness issues then.

A former owner from several years ago said Kid tied, cross tied, and loaded on trailers at that time. He did not crib and had no other vices at that point. Because he recently came into our rescue, we have not had a chance to evaluate him yet.

JRH Are You Kiddin' Me JRH Are You Kiddin' Me JRH Are You Kiddin' Me JRH Are You Kiddin' Me JRH Are You Kiddin' Me JRH Are You Kiddin' Me




2005 Registered Black Morgan Gelding, 14.1hh
Nodaway Tolie x Ranchboss Ariana
Boarded in NY
Rescued December 2019
Adoption Fee: Special Needs

Not Rideable

Nordic, Quite the beauty. He is one stocky built boy. Old style build Morgan. He is more beautiful in person than what his pictures show. This boy was never taught to properly lead, he will often use his brute strength to take you where he wants to go forgetting anyone is at the other end if the lead rope. It is not uncommon for him to barge down the barn hall or outside dragging you around. He would do well with a refresher of being taught to flex his neck and give to pressure. He is leary of fly spray at first but then adapts and allows it. He does have a steady limp, Equioxx helps but does not control all of his pain from the high ring bone. He enjoys grooming, and getting his handful of Senior is the highlight of his day. He will suck in his tongue and drool afterward to savor the flavor and is quite comical. He is not bad for the farrier but can be pushy during his trim. Very easy keeper.

He is also the dominant horse and will often let the others know on the other side of the fence that he won't back down if another attempts to dominate him.

Nordic Nordic Nordic Nordic

Dark Shadows Mystery

Dark Shadows Mystery

Dark Shadows Mystery #

2011 Registered Black Mare, Height : TBD
Boarded in PA
Rescued November 2019
Adoption Fee: $300 Companion Horse

Not Rideable

From previous owner .....
This mare's barn name is Mexi (as in her Mexicali from her dam’s name). Mexi was broke to drive at 2 and was used for trips to town. She was too slow as buggy horse, so they used her as a broodmare. They decided to sell her when she was open this fall even though she had been bred.

She has not been driven in six years. They don't recall ever riding her. They said Mexi had no safety issues and does not crib. She probably ties but that they would have had little reason to tie her. They said she loaded into the trailer easily.

Mexi foundered at some point, although it was a mild case. Her low fetlocks (which I had to specifically ask about as the owner thought they were mild) did not seem to bother her, but she had stifle soreness. They had a chiropractor work on the stifles a couple of times, but she was still sore.

Dark Shadows Mystery Dark Shadows Mystery Dark Shadows Mystery Dark Shadows Mystery

Currently in Foster Homes

These horses have completed quarantine and are now in foster homes. Fosters treat the horse like it is one of their one; they help to evaluate and work with the horse to help it find a forever home. Some fosters can provide formal training, others simply offer a safe place for the horse to regain its health and trust. Fosters provide regular updates and photos of the horses. If you are interested in adopting one of these horses, contact forevermorgans@hotmail.com to be put in touch with the foster home for more information.
M & M

M & M

M & M

2009, Black mare, height TBD
Fostered in NC
Rescued Feburary 2021
Adoption Fee: $700

Update 8/7/21:
Meet sweet M&M (Beauty), fostered in North Carolina and available for adoption. She was the mare who was rescued some months back with the pinto gelding. He didn’t end up coming but she did at the end of May, a complete mystery. She was pretty rough, even after a couple of months boarding from quarantine, and boy has some sunshine, nutrition, and love done well for her!

She has many fears and her primary response is to go straight backwards, but she is less afraid every day. She now passes through all gates, wide and narrow, without issue. She stood beautifully for the vet and vaccines today, she is easy to catch in a pasture, she stands well for grooming. She got a bath today and while she didn't love the hose, she tolerated a bucket and sponge okay, and she LOVED getting her face washed.

I’m concerned that she doesn't see well (or at all) from her left eye and I think that's part of why she gets scared of enclosed things like narrow gates. Once she establishes some trust though, she's so much better and easier! She’s a lovely, sweet mare who's clearly been really abused in the past (zoom in to pics of the deep indentation in her nose), and deserves a family who will give her a life of love and kindness. I haven't tried riding her, but I did put a saddle on her and walk her around with it, and she was just fine. DNA has been sent and was no match.

M & M M & M M & M M & M M & M



Penncrest Phoenix Rising #145816

1998 Registered Bay Gelding, 14.2hh
Nobility X Atavista Alouette
Fostered in FL
Rescued January 2017
Adoption Fee: $500

Updated June 29, 2020

Phoenix loves people and is looking for one to call his own. He would be an eye-pleasing pasture ornament and an ideal pet for someone who enjoys spending time bonding with their horse through grooming and groundwork.

He is safe for anyone to handle on the ground and also enjoys giving leadline rides to small children but is not a fan of heavier riders. One of his hips appears to be out of alignment and likely causes discomfort in his pelvis area when he asked to carry the weight of an average adult. He prefers to walk and trot only. Phoenix gets very attached to people and is good natured but has opinions about what he will and will not tolerate. One thing he will not tolerate is whips. He will lunge without a whip but refuses to cooperate if the handler carries a whip. He also does not like to leave the barn but is cooperative once he is out of the barn area and on the road.

He is easy to catch; ties well; stands for grooming, tacking up, bathing, and picking his feet up; and does everything he should do on the ground. He does not show any inclination to bite or kick. He has become very attached to the person who works with him on groundwork, such as going over cavaletti to strengthen his hind end.

A former Amish buggy horse, he has been harnessed several times at his foster home with no issues but has not been driven there.

He does well living with other geldings in a run-in shed and was also fine in a stall, although he is a chronic cribber so does better outside. He sucks wind but does not chew wood. If given the opportunity, he likes to be the herd boss but will back down. It is unknown whether he gets along with mares as we have not turned him out with them. His foster feels that he would likely tolerate being an only horse as long as he gets enough human attention. He is not a difficult keeper and maintains his weight well on a quality grain with a timothy/alfalfa/coastal grass mix. He did have some trouble sweating last summer in Florida's heat and humidity and might do better in a cooler climate. His teeth were checked in January 2020 and were in good condition, and his foster said he has good feet.

While he has not traveled since arriving in foster care, the shipper who delivered him said he rode fine in the trailer.

His foster feels he would be a perfect companion for someone who enjoys having a horse to groom and spend time with but not ride. It is possible that he might do well as a trail horse for a lightweight rider who does not want to canter.

Phoenix Phoenix Phoenix Phoenix

Phoenix PhoenixPhoenix

Applications Pending

These horses have applications that are pending but not yet completed. Sometimes the adoptions don't go through, so if you are interested in one of these horses, please contact forevermorgans@hotmail.com and you can be notified if the horse becomes available.
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