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Updates on individual horses are provided when available. Forever Morgans strives to provide information that is as accurate as possible. The online catalog includes ads for many of the horses, although the most recent rescues may not be included.

Featured Horse



SML Enchanted Melody
2000 Registered Chestnut Mare, 15hh
Nanton's American Made x Corinthian True Destiny
Fostered in VA
Rescued October 2019
Adoption Fee: $700

Update 6/13/20 from foster: Melody is a polite, steady mare who would make a perfect companion horse but is trained to ride and could be a riding horse once she fills out and becomes stronger. Melody's foster home said the neatest thing about her is her temperament and described her as the easiest, kindest, most willing horse that always trots up to people and then waits at a respectful distance to find out what activities are in store. Melody's foster feels somebody taught her well and that she's been handled nicely. She ties well, doesn't move when being groomed, is good for bathing, and will stand solidly for her feet to be picked up even when loose in the field. She also loads and hauls well.

She minds her own business in the pasture and has no conflicts with the mare or geldings in the herd, which shares a run-in shed. She does get worked up if left alone and would not be suitable as an only horse. Melody's foster says she does not seem like a senior at all. She plays in the field, sometimes bucking for fun.

In foster care since December 2019, she visited a trainer for a riding session in early June and did well at the walk and trot. The foster is working on putting more weight on her and developing muscle before asking her to canter with a load on her back. She moves nicely at the trot but seems weak in the hind end at the walk. The foster's veterinarian advised hill work at the walk to strengthen her hind end.

Melody was quite thin when she arrived but is doing better now that she is on pasture and a new grain. She has a slight build for a Morgan and is described by her foster as fine and petite with the topline of a former broodmare. She would likely be best for a rider who is on the lighter side. There is some cloudiness in her eyes and one eye does not seem reactive to a hand-waving test, but she does not act as if she has trouble seeing and has not been at all spooky. She has good feet. Melody does not crib and has not chewed on the foster's board fences.

In the past, Melody lived in an Amish community. We do not know her recent history as her last recorded owner sold her more than a decade ago and the papers were never transferred. That owner said he bought her as an investment because she was green broke and he enjoys the excitement of finishing horses and selling them to a new owner. He trained her to ride and drive. He said he got her to the point that he could ride her anywhere and she was fine for a novice to ride or drive with no trouble. He used her to pull the buggy as a road horse and also under saddle on trails. He described her as easy to handle.

Melody Melody Melody Melody Melody

Recent Rescues, in quarantine

These horses are currently boarded at a quarantine (QT) facility; due to the nature of QT, they cannot be handled much. Information is still limited to what we know but will be updated as soon as it is available.


Horses in the listed section below are currently boarded. The horses have completed quarantine and are ready to move to a foster or adoptive home. The provider gives excellent care, but due to the number of horses at the facility the horses cannot receive much individual attention and are not able to be ridden. Forever Morgans has to pay standard rates for their board and care. Please consider adopting or fostering one of these horses.


Belle Fonte Rena 195955

2010 Bay Registered Morgan Mare, 14.3hh
RKT Nordic Sunny Hawk x RanchBoss Arianna
Boarded in PA
Rescued October 2019
Adoption Fee: $500

Rena's barn name was Robin!! Robin started life an Amish buggy horse and was a broodmare for a short time but is now ready to learn a new job as a saddle horse. She came to Forever Morgans at only 9 years old after her former owner decided he had too many horses with winter coming and she was not traffic safe. While he felt Robin has potential for an experienced driver who wants to do competitive or leisure driving rather than road driving, our veterinarian discovered that she is 90% blind in her right eye and would be better suited for riding. The eye does not seem to bother her, and our veterinarian feels that it can remain intact.

Her driving training gives her a head start toward saddle work, although she has not been driven in a few years so might need a refresher course of groundwork. The previous owner rode her bareback once in a bridle at the walk only, and she did well. He noted that she can be high strung and on the strong side both in the bridle and on the ground so requires an experienced, understanding horseperson. In his words, as long as you can keep her calm and she trusts you, she is good. The blindness in one eye likely contributed to her uneasiness in traffic.


Currently in Foster Homes

These horses have completed quarantine and are now in foster homes. Fosters treat the horse like it is one of their one; they help to evaluate and work with the horse to help it find a forever home. Some fosters can provide formal training, others simply offer a safe place for the horse to regain its health and trust. Fosters provide regular updates and photos of the horses. If you are interested in adopting one of these horses, contact forevermorgans@hotmail.com to be put in touch with the foster home for more information.


Timberdale Robert Royal, #172133

2006 Dark Chestnut Registered Morgan Gelding, 15.1hh
Equinox Reflection x Baronet's Royal Flush
Currently in MA
Adoption Fee: $600 until in foster, $700 once in foster

Limited Training. Timberdale lives outdoors in pastures with a run-in barn and daily grain. He stands freely for grooming, fly-spray, barn cleaning, etc.

Dream Girl

CHMH Dream Girl


2004 Chestnut Registered Morgan Mare, 15.2hh
Black Tuxedo Issac x Roche Jaune Miss Montana
Fostered in MA
Rescued October 2019
Adoption Fee: $800

Dream is described as a big, strong, nicely built mare with impressive looks by her two most recent recorded owners. She is said to be sound with nice feet and no vices.

She was trained to drive by the Amish but was not driven much and ended up becoming a broodmare because she was never at ease pulling a buggy. She does, however, have potential as a riding horse. Though the owners we spoke to could not recall if she was ridden or broke to ride, her driving training should give someone a head start toward saddle work. At approximately 15.2 hands, she could handle a taller rider.

Dream is described as good-natured but with a tendency to be nervous and can easily get worked up if her handler does not stay calm, so she will require an experienced, patient horseperson who is used to working with green horse. Previous owners said she ties, loads, and trailers without issues.

Dream Girl



2004 Registered Bay Gelding, 13.3hh
Nanton's Phoenix x FCM Fury of Love
Fostered in AZ
Rescued December 2017
Adoption Fee: $700

Update Sept 2019

Nobi loves attention. Ties loads good in stall. Good on fences and with other horses. Low man in pecking order. Easy easy keeper. Good feet. Good for farrier. Utd on worming and shots.

Nobi Nobi Nobi



1997 Registered Chestnut Morgan Mare, 14.2hh
Charlestown Scotland x Charlestown Light My Fire
Fostered in MD
Rescued November 2018
Adoption Fee: $300

Holly came to Forever Morgans after her elderly owner's health issues prevented her from keeping Holly any longer. Holly was with her previous owner since the age of 2. She was ridden lightly for a couple of years when she was very young but has not been ridden since and was never trained to drive. She lived as a companion to an older Morgan gelding in a large pasture in northern Vermont. She was never blanketed and was accustomed to roaming the pasture. She is very sweet and quiet. Upon intake, a veterinarian evaluated her and described her as healthy. Holly was a bit skittish upon arrival at her foster home but has adjusted well to being there and now enjoys being groomed, getting treats, and greeting her foster person. She has bonded with the foster's Morgan gelding and mustang mare.

Holly Holly Holly Holly


Amarillo, Grade Morgan, No DNA Match

~20 year old Grade Buckskin Gelding,15hh
Fostered in NE
Rescued in September 2017
Adoption Fee: $300

He does ride.

Amarillo is good to handle. He leads like a gentlemen. Good for the farrier. Good on cross ties and for grooming. Amarillo is pretty laid back. Amarillo can sometimes be hard to catch. But come armed with treats and he is in your pocket.

Amarillo Amarillo Amarillo Amarillo Amarillo Amarillo Amarillo



W-B Amazemint

1989 Chestnut Morgan Mare, height : TBD
Windhoverenchantmint x MR. R's Miss America
Fostered in VA
Rescued April 2018
Adoption Fee: $300

They called her Amy. The owner's wife described Amy as amazing. They would have kept her to live out her life on pasture but are very limited on space and did not have room for both Amy and another horse. Amy still drives wonderfully, even for their 10-year-old child. She is safe for anybody to ride and will adjust her level of energy to suit the rider. The 16-year-old gets on her and "rides hard," and Amy appears to love it; yet when the 6-year-old rides, Amy becomes a complete babysitter. In general, she has more fire riding than driving. She ties and is thoroughly safe on the ground. Even their family's youngest, not quite 2 years old, was in the stall trying to brush her legs to prepare her to leave. It was hard for the entire family to get rid of their "darling Amy" but especially terrible for the kids. They were overjoyed to hear that people might be working to find Amy a good home.

They estimated Amy to be about 15 hands. They said they would call her sound, although she has recently had some trouble with her back fetlocks giving while driving downhill on pavement but not to the point of falling. They also noticed this when she did a 180-degree turn too fast when riding. They described her feet as fine with no laminitis issues. Although her teeth have not been done in recent years, they have not had a problem with her teeth and did not need to give her special feed.

Although she can be bossy, she is fine with other horses.

Amazemint Amazemint



Julie's Fine Kayla 144538

1998 Registered Bay Mare, 14,2-14.3hh
Wales Farm Echo x Magenta's Portia
Fostered in IL
Returned Feb 2018
Adoption Fee: $300

Updated Sept 2018

She is a real joy to have around the barn. She is sweet and loving and gets along beautifully with my paint mare. I do not ride, so I can't tell you how she does with that. I love to drive and bought a cart and harness for her. I did not feel comfortable just hitching her so I took her to local Amish trainer to see how she would do. Good idea, she hitched just fine but has a lot of git up and go, would not walk. We had her teeth worked on but she still fought the bit(we tried 3 different kinds) It was decided that in order to try and work this out, which would take quite a while, I would just bring her home. She would do well with an experienced person, but as of know, not a real pleasure to drive for a beginner or older person who wants to go slow. I still love her and she has a home here unless she gets adopted.

Kayla stands around 14.2 or 14.3. She is a lovely, sweet girl with beautiful big doe eyes! Loves people and loves to be fussed over. Great for vet and farrier. Loads excellent. Will stand quietly for tacking. However, she has not been ridden much over the past year or so. Walk, trot is great but it is hard to get her to canter sometimes. Has only been trail ridden with other horses and is a bit clueless and can get a bit antsy on the trails. Before we had her she had been a buggy horse. I think with a little work she would make a wonderful riding horse. She has an extremely sweet personality. She does well in a stall but prefers the run-in shed.




Penncrest Phoenix Rising #145816

1998 Registered Bay Gelding, 14.2hh
Nobility X Atavista Alouette
Fostered in FL
Rescued January 2017
Adoption Fee: $600

Updated June 29, 2020

Phoenix loves people and is looking for one to call his own. He would be an eye-pleasing pasture ornament and an ideal pet for someone who enjoys spending time bonding with their horse through grooming and groundwork.

He is safe for anyone to handle on the ground and also enjoys giving leadline rides to small children but is not a fan of heavier riders. One of his hips appears to be out of alignment and likely causes discomfort in his pelvis area when he asked to carry the weight of an average adult. He prefers to walk and trot only. Phoenix gets very attached to people and is good natured but has opinions about what he will and will not tolerate. One thing he will not tolerate is whips. He will lunge without a whip but refuses to cooperate if the handler carries a whip. He also does not like to leave the barn but is cooperative once he is out of the barn area and on the road.

He is easy to catch; ties well; stands for grooming, tacking up, bathing, and picking his feet up; and does everything he should do on the ground. He does not show any inclination to bite or kick. He has become very attached to the person who works with him on groundwork, such as going over cavaletti to strengthen his hind end.

A former Amish buggy horse, he has been harnessed several times at his foster home with no issues but has not been driven there.

He does well living with other geldings in a run-in shed and was also fine in a stall, although he is a chronic cribber so does better outside. He sucks wind but does not chew wood. If given the opportunity, he likes to be the herd boss but will back down. It is unknown whether he gets along with mares as we have not turned him out with them. His foster feels that he would likely tolerate being an only horse as long as he gets enough human attention. He is not a difficult keeper and maintains his weight well on a quality grain with a timothy/alfalfa/coastal grass mix. He did have some trouble sweating last summer in Florida's heat and humidity and might do better in a cooler climate. His teeth were checked in January 2020 and were in good condition, and his foster said he has good feet.

While he has not traveled since arriving in foster care, the shipper who delivered him said he rode fine in the trailer.

His foster feels he would be a perfect companion for someone who enjoys having a horse to groom and spend time with but not ride. It is possible that he might do well as a trail horse for a lightweight rider who does not want to canter.


Phoenix PhoenixPhoenix

The Baptist

The Baptist

The Baptist #163603

2002 Black Registered Morgan Gelding, 14.3hh
Black River Trojan x The Cat
Fostered in WY
Rescued December 2017
Adoption Fee: $700

This boy is a reg Morgan named The Baptist - 15yrs old - 14.3h. He was saved off the Peabody, KS kill lot and is looking for his adoptive family. The Baptist is going to need at least an intermediate rider - someone who can keep him calm, who can stay relaxed if he spooks, and who can ride through stuff like that. He is reserved at first but succumbs to scratches easily - he has excellent ground manner.

The Baptist has trust issues especially around men. He needs a person who has the skill and time to build his trust.A really good fit would be someone who could train as well as build the relationship.

The Baptist The Baptist The Baptist The Baptist

Pending Adoptions

These horses have adoptions that are pending but not yet completed. Sometimes the adoptions don't go through, so if you are interested in one of these horses, please contact forevermorgans@hotmail.com and you can be notified if the horse becomes available.

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