Forever Morgans is only able to rescue horses because of support from many donors. FM is a non-profit, volunteer-supported, 501(c)3 organization. Donations are tax deductible as allowed by law. Our federal tax identification number (EIN) is 45-4935830.

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Donation Options

Special Funds

We have a variety of special funds so that donations can go to designated uses, and a general fund that can be used where it is most needed. Please be assured ALL donated funds go directly to help the horses.

FM's designated funds include:

  • General Fund - to be used where it is needed most.
  • Ribbons Fund - for emergency bail on a horse at immediate risk.
  • Kahlua Fund - for end-of-life care.
  • Gelding Fund - to geld stallions/colts to make them more adoptable.
  • Forever Remembered Fund - to check all mares for pregnancy and support any needs during pregnancy or foaling.
  • Transportation Fund - to move horses to foster homes.
  • For Petey's Sake - to provide emergency funding for horses being held at a location that is of particular risk to their health.
  • General Fund

    Donations can be made at any time and applied to where there is the most need.

    Ribbons Fund

    Ribbons was a beautiful bay mare who came through the Pennsylvania broker pen in January 2008. If a horse comes in separated from its papers, the horse is assigned a name when fundraising begins to the membership can rally behind a horse with a name, rather than the hip number that they were assigned at the auction. In the case of this beautiful little bay mare, the name Ribbons was chosen because she had red ribbons braided into her mane. Someone wanted her to look her very best when she went to the sale to increase the chances that she would find another home that would love her too. We donít know who brought Ribbons to the sale that day or why, but Ribbons ended up in the loose horse pen that day and never even made it into the auction ring. Ribbons was purchased by the kill buyer.

    Back then, ForeverMorgans was still being formed, and fundraising wasnít as efficient as it is today. The membership had found a home for Ribbons and even raised her bail. Unfortunately, the truck came early that day and the money came in too close to the deadline. When we got to the lot to pay for her and take her home, she was already loaded on the truck bound for a Canadian slaughterhouse. The truck was full and the driver had a schedule to meet, so Ribbons didnít get off the truck.

    If FM had had an emergency fund and could have paid for Ribbons sooner, she would now be living life and adored by a forever home. Instead she was lost and became the catalyst to develop efficiencies and structure in the FM organization. We established a fund in her name that holds reserve cash to be used for emergency bail if the membership is short on fundraising. We are still haunted by the memory of this beautiful little mare and have worked to ensure she can look down from above and know that in her name, we have made sure that no other horse has been lost due to a lack of ready funds.

    Kahlua Fund

    Kahlua was saved from the broker lot in December 2010 and named because of her beautiful coffee-cream coloring. She went to foster with a generous soul who immediately recognized that this kind, little elderly mare was in need of significant veterinary treatment. Perhaps she went to sale because her previous owner couldn not afford to maintain her. Perhaps her most recent owner knew something was wrong but never had it diagnosed. The presence of already healed surgery scars indicated that someone, somewhere knew of her plight. Whatever the reason, Kahlua was fortunate to spend her final weeks under the loving and specialized care of an extraordinary foster mom and companion of veterinarians, Drs. Emily Olson and Misty Gray, whose judgement Forever Morgans respected when the most difficult call had to be made.

    We would all like to think there won't be more Kahluas, but we know there will be. Ever horse deserves the kind of end-of-life care we were able to extend to Kahlua.

    Gelding Fund

    Often young males are rescued still intact and must be castrated. Being gelded is an important part of making the horse more adoptable and lets them have a better quality of life.

    Forever Remembered Fund

    The mare Atta Lane Fantabulous, known as Penny, was rescued in early January 2012 and went to a foster home, where she unexpectedly gave birth that spring. The filly was a total surprise -- Penny showed NO signs of pregnancy and was not sold with any indications she had been bred. Penny had a difficult birth; the foal had to be repositioned and the mare suffered some tears. Penny did not accept the filly, so she was taken to a facility for special care, but did not survive. The filly was named Forever Remembered; this fund has been put in place so that all mares are checked for pregnancy to prevent future surprises, and to care for any pregnant mares who have difficulties. If FM had known that Penny was pregnant, she and her filly could have had a much different outcome, so FM wants to make sure that we are not surprised with another foal and can help mares who need it.

    Transportation Fund

    The Transportation Fund is only used for transporting our horses to a foster home, where we often need assistance. When a ride becomes available in the general direction, we rarely have time to take up a collection. We usually have to know right then, so having this fund available will help get more horses out of the quarantine facility and on to a foster home.

    For Petey's Sake

    SJV Lord of The Rings, aka Petey, died just as we were making arrangements to bring him to safety. Petey had been a successful show horse, competing all the way to the Grand National and many people remembered him for his sweet nature.

    When we rescue a horse, we know they often have been exposed to dangerous and deadly diseases. It is why QT is so important. We know that getting them out of that environment and into a safe barn is crucial, and every hour counts. Towards that, we have started a fund in Petey's name, called For Petey's Sake" to provide emergency funding for horses being held at a location that is of particular risk to their health.

    We were shocked and heartbroken, and our deepest, most heartfelt condolences for those of who remembered him and had personal stories to share of him. We learned of his passing from the person who was going to pick him up for us and take him to quarantine. She was told he died in the night, apparently from a very bad infection that was raging through the lot where he was being held.

    Help with Transport

    Transporting horses from quarantine to foster homes is one of the largest expenses of rescue. Volunteers can help reduce that cost by hauling horses either as a single trip or part of a longer, multi-stage trip, or serving as an layover stop during a trip.

    Donate Goods

    Forever Morgans can use all kinds of horse items, especially blankets, halters, tack, wormer, and supplements. Please contact us about any donations you may have, and we can tell you the best place to send them. (Since we have foster homes across the country, it may be best to have you mail it directly to a foster home instead of the FM post office box.)

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